"The secret ingredient is love, dammit." Thats what she would have said if she wasn't so doped up.

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The thought of writing a 'News' section for myself seemed a little bit of an egotistical statement so I've decided to say fuck you to Newgrounds (Something I feel the need to say over and over again because of the idiotic activities, but that is another story.) and do something else. I'm making this an 'About' section for this site, which sounds simple enough right? Unfortunately, reality and the worn area on the desk from tapping fingers proves otherwise. The actual results after staring blankly at a monitor collecting your thoughts are never as you imagined them to be. What type of details are readers privy to? How much is enough, and how much is too little?

Now, making this an 'About' area is important for a plethora of reasons. Here are a few: (1) working at home on my personal time makes it a joy and not a chore. Although it's something we all take for granted pretty regularly, it should not be overlooked. (2) It's a hell of a lot of fun to throw Pirates of the Silicon Valley parties, wearing black turtlenecks and playing the Boom game. Not that we do this regularly. That would be weird. (3) And then finally the six-figure endorsement deal.*

A little about me
My name is Brandon, and I just so happen to be in my early twenties. Twenty-five to be exact. I call the upper Great Plains state of North Dakota my home - Fargo to be exact, for the geographically challenged - not by choice per say, but more or less by circumstance. I can make a tasty bowl of EasyMac, and love sticking it to the man. After beating Guitar Hero on expert mode, I now acts like a rockstar, because obviously, I am. Things just haven't been the same since.

I am what some may call a geek, with greater emphasis on the word 'Geek' rather than 'nerd'. I believe there is a distinct difference between the two. While both may be considered knowledgeable, one may be considered a little more suave in natural settings. My interests lie in technology, the social intricacies of the net, and content presentation & aesthetics.

At the moment, I try and keep myself busy with projects which embrace my interests in design. In my free time, I try and share a little bit of knowledge with others. Feel free to browse my portfolio to get a better idea of what I do. When I'm not working, I can usually be found hanging out with friends, camping with my brothers, drinking water, eating greasy Mexican food for lunch or some other form of tom-foolery.

Given the fact that I am generally not more than twenty feet from my computer and I have a decent sized iTunes library, I am almost always listening to music. Although I've quit trying to come up with a favorite band roster, there are a few artists that repeatedly get a lot of play: Over It, Story of the Year, Something Corporate, Holiday and Green Day, back in the old days.

*Not true.
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