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The Alliance Collection The Alliance Collection

Rated 5 / 5 stars

A serendipitous adventure in amusement.

If you take the time out of your precious Newgrounds[dot]com Inc. lives to fully watch and understand this little gem of a flash, everything else shall appear grey in your eyes from then on. The humor. The skill. The story. The development. All are as amazing as the flash itself.

The way you related Ronald McDonald to the commercialisation that is running amuck all over Newgrounds and how The Alliance is fighting agaist such a blasphemous development is very tongue in cheek. The music for that part did nothing but add to the entire atmoshpere of how childish and only willing to serve others Ronald is being. Keep in mind Ronald McDonald is an analogy to Newgrounds. Can I take your order please? indeed. When is Newgrounds going to start doing things for themselves instead of trying to help the already overly inflated ego filled others suffocating the little man. Let alone the very blatent relation that Ronald McDonald, a clown is Newgrounds thus leading us to the conclusion that Newgrounds is a clown.

The Oompa Loompas were also a very good pick for the overall development of the industrialization that is also taking over the Chocolate Factory aka Newgrounds. Nothing but the same old thing over and over again, mass produced by the same odd little guys who don't ever go outside their secluded little area of residence. Then do nothing but destory the health and well being of all the younger people who happen across their product. This, of course, means that people like illwillpress, LegendaryFrog, some other guys I dislike, do nothing but ruin all the minds and intelligence of the newer users here. Oompa Loompas equal Weird little men which, in turn, equal People like illwillpress, LF, and others I despise.

The Pac-Man flash was just plain intelligent in every way imaginable. Simply for the fact that Pac-Man really was on drugs. That is the only way in the world that he could swollow that many little pills and be able to not only see, but also eat Ghosts. I don't know about you, but I am not that little bastard from The 6th Sense and I certainly can't eat these ghosts that I can't see. Plus, he sounds like he is black and, as we all know, people who are of the african american persuasion are all addicts who do nothing but try to get others addicted to their horrible habit.

LethalDosage's little race needed music because then it would have been the best analogy for, again, the pathetic users of Newgrounds who say things like I'm gonna get to level 30! Running after a goal they will never have not to the beat of their own drum, but by the beat of a drum that was started by someone else, and never really getting there. But doing nothing but falling and burning in the process. Also the Newgrounds Quote Generator that I made added in the was a nice touch, mostly because it made my epenis grow by leaps and bounds.

If only The Alliance was much more understood and respected for the goodness and love that it is trying to share this would be a top 5 flash on NG. But alas, the users who do not understand it's level of awesome keep it down.

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